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Fish & Chips Small- £7.95, Extra Large £10.95 (CP)
A haddock fillet in our own crispy batter
with chips, garden or mushy peas,
salad garnish, together with house tartare sauce
If you would like your fish skinned, please ask.

Luxury Scampi £10.45(CP)
Deep-fried whole tail breaded scampi
served with chips, peas, salad garnish
and house tartare sauce

Twix of Salmon £13.75
Fillet of salmon topped with smoked salmon,
cooked in a light sauce of white wine,
lemon juice and butter

Cajun Salmon £13.75
A supreme of Scottish salmon,
pan fried with our own Cajun spices



Home Made Soup £4.65(CP)
Please ask for today's selections
All served with fresh crusty bread and butter

Crayfish Cocktail £6.15
Hand peeled crayfish tails
set on a bed of iceberg lettuce,
topped with home made marie rose sauce,
lemon wedge and wholemeal bread & butter

Home Made Fish Cakes £6.15(CP) 
A twix of home made fishcakes
cooked in our own crispy batter,
served with crispy salad garnish
and either house tartare or sweet chilli sauce

Prawn Cocktail £6.15
Large prawns on a bed of crispy iceberg lettuce,
topped with home made marie rose sauce,
served with wholemeal bread and butter

Seafood Ecstasy £6.95
A selection of prawns, crayfish, crab & Smoked Salmon
set on a bed of crisp lettuce,
served with a side order of
home made marie rose sauce
with wholemeal brown bread and butter


Home Made Pate £6.15
A smooth chicken liver pate made with port,
brandy and cream, served with salad garnish,
Cumberland sauce and wholemeal toast

Garlic Mushrooms £6.15(CP)
Fresh button mushrooms deep-fried
in our own crispy batter,
served with salad garnish and a garlic dip (V)

Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms £6.15(CP)
Pan fried mushrooms,
with a creamy cheesy garlic sauce,
topped with a sprinkling of crispy bacon,
served with crusty bread
(V) no bacon)

Duet of Cheese £6.15
Panko crumbed wedges of brie & camembert cheese, deep fried & served with crandberry sauce

Gourmet Bacon & Black Pudding £6.65
Pan fried bacon and black pudding
served on a bed of chopped mixed salad,
drizzled with French dressing
and topped with wholemeal croutons

Baked Italian Mushrooms £6.15(CP) 
Fresh mushrooms stuffed with garlic, herb & parmesan buttter, cooked on a bed of tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese & oven baked. Served with bread 



Sweet Chilli Chicken £13.75(CP)
Supreme of chicken cooked with
mixed peppers, onions, mushrooms,
and sweet chilli sauce

Cajun Chicken £13.75(CP)
Chicken supreme with our own
blend of Cajun spices

Chicken Supreme £13.75(CP)
Chicken supreme cooked in
a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce

Chicken Sorrento £13.75(CP)
A supreme of chicken, cooked in white wine,
cream, brandy and Marsala sauce,
fortified with ham, prawns and mushrooms
with a hint of parmesan cheese

Black & Blue Chicken £13.75 (CP)
A  Strips of Fresh chicken fillets
cooked in a black pepper,
blue cheese and cream sauce

The Ultimate Cajun Chicken Burger £13.75(CP)
A surpreme of chicken coated in Cajun spices, set on a bed of salad, topped with bacon, mature cheddar cheese & crispy Cajun onion rings, served with home-made chips & a trio of dips


Pub Classic

Home Made Pie of the Day £9.95
Please ask for today's selection

Chicken Curry £10.95(CP)
Tender chunks of chicken breast in a rich curry sauce
served with pappadums and chutney
with either rice or chips, or half & half


Chilli Con Carne £10.45(CP)
Served with rice, home made chips or half & half,
plus tortilla chips and grated mature
cheddar cheese

Lasagne £10.95(CP)
Layers of beef bolognaise and pasta,
topped with a creamy white sauce
and mozzarella cheese and baked in the oven
Served with garlic bread, chips or salad & home-made coleslaw

Home-made faggots( made on premises) £9.95(CP)
Served with a choice of mashed potato or chips with peas, mushy or garden,
or potatoes with vegetables



(Garne) All steaks are served with mushrooms, onion rings,
and a choice from jacket potatoes, home made chips, peas and salad

or potatoes & vegetables.

8- oz rump garne £13.95 16- oz £17.95

8- oz cajun rump £13.95 16- oz £17.95
Prime rump steak coated in our own blend of spices

8- oz sirloin garne £16.95

8- oz fillet garne £21.65

8- oz Gammon £12.95 16- oz £15.95
Horseshoe gammon griddled & served
with 2 eggs or fresh pineapple

Steak Diane £18.95
Tenderised sirloin steak,
thatched with our own Diane sauce,
of mushrooms, onions, cream, red wine,
brandy & paprika

Fillet Pepper £21.65
Medallions of prime fillet steak,
topped with our home made creamy pepper sauce

Surf 'n' Turf £17.95 or with sirloin £19.95
8- oz rump with wholetail scampi

Tornados Rossini £21.65
Prime fillet steak served en croute
with home made paté and madeira sauce

Stilton Stack £21.65
Medallions of fillet steak,
filled with Shropshire blue stilton,
thatched with a mushroom and red wine jus

Sizzling Cantonese steak £19.65
Medallions of fillet steak served in our own home-made Cantonese sauce with mushroom, peppers & onions




8- oz £10.45(CP)
A prime beef burger, served in a bap,
with salad, pickle, cheese, onion rings,
presented with a trio of relish
& home made chips

Pepper - £2.50
Diane or Stilton Blue Stilton - £3.00

Extras £2.95
Side salad with coleslaw, onion rings,
home made chips, pan fried mushrooms

Garlic Bread £3.65
Three slices of garlic and herb bread, & three slices of cheesy garlic & herb bread.